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Call Outs

We are moving to a call out system this year. You no longer have to call in events prior to the rodeo.
All contestants are automatically added to the event that they participated in at the last rodeo.
If your child is not competing in any event that they competed in last rodeo you must call out.
If there's changes to what is listed below (ie. events, stalls, camping) please let us know.

Call Outs or changes MUST be done by the Monday before the rodeo. 

There are 2 ways to call out:

1.) Register at the website any time before the Monday night deadline. wpyracallins@gmail.com

2.) Call in to the secretary between 6-9pm on the Monday prior to the rodeo. Shawn Knox 412-592-9772

Click the link below to view the list of all contestants and the events that they are automatically entered in for the next rodeo.

Updated 9-10-17


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